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Automotive Advisory Partners LLC (AAP) was established in August 2006 and is an affiliate of Asia Development Capital LLC (ADC).

The role of AAP is to provide strategic and functional assistance and guidance to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the supply of automotive/commercial vehicle components to North American, South American, European, Chinese, ASEAN, or Indian OEM's and Tier I suppliers.

AAP is different from large consulting firms in that:
  • AAP entire focus is on automotive/commercial vehicle components and
    is not distracted by several divisions or groups covering different industries.
  • AAP focus is on the special needs of SMEs and thus does not prioritize a large component company or OEM.
  • AAP focus on SMEs allows AAP to recognize potential synergies between similar business around the globe and the opportunity to create cooperative commercial or technical solutions and alliances.
  • AAP Principals, Directors and Advisors are all experienced executives and managers having worked in the vehicle and automotive components business.
  • AAP relationship with ADC provides an integral link to available investment capital eliminating the need to approach needed capital as a separate activity.

AAP is similiar to the large consulting firms in that:
  • AAP have personnel in global locations including China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the USA.
  • AAP Principals, Directors and Advisors have educational backgrounds supplemented by continuing education and training programs sponsored by the major companies for whom they worked.
  • AAP personnel have established links and relationships with the major global OEM's and Tier I suppliers.
  • AAP have personnel experienced in all of the functions of the enterprise.

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